OK so you want to host your own web site. Well the good news is that it is very easy to do so as long as you have your computer turned on and online at all times. You can even still use it for other stuff while it is a webserver too, like I do.. Its my main computer and I am on it all the time watching moves and surfing and a lil artwork and lets not forget Facebook..lol


Step 1) So the first thing you want to do is think of a kewl name for your site. Mine is mckeehanfamily dot com. I did not like .org or .us etc. Then you BUY the name. You can get one here at dnsexit.com at very cheap price and they have the ip updater software free to download so your domain name can find you when your IP number (Internet Protocol) changes because most of you don't have a static IP (never changing) here is my link to get your Domain name DnSExit.com..But there are others too. I use this one because of the FREE IPupdater program they offer and works well with them.

Once you buy  your name download the IP Updater software to install later. But remember DO NOT FORGET your login and password after you register. Or you will be locked out and you have to access it every year of so. The average price is about $12 a year or $20 or so for 2 years.. I always get the 2 year and save a  few bucks..


Step 2) You will need to make your computer a web server. That is really easy too. First you will download Apache web server software and install it on your computer. You can get it here from Apache.org  Also if you need help installing this program you can read about it here But there are always others you can use. All my instructions are based on Apache only.. OK

After you install the windows version you will need to setup Apache. There is a readme in the Apache directory on how to do that. Basically it is easy and all you need to do is tell it where Apache is installed and the name of your Domain you just purchased. Read the help on how to do that. .Just only change what is needed and follow the instructions or nothing will ever work correctly.. This is a very important step..



Now you need to know where Apache installed and where your web site pages will be sitting.. OK now open my computer and rt clk and explorer and look at your c drive or drive you installed Apache to and you will see where the apache directory or what ever you called it is when you installed it. Some change the default install directories so know what you did when installing this Apache program... And within that directory you will see a directory called HTDOCS. that is where you will save all of your web pages. REMEMBER the 1st and main page is called index.htm and is always in the HTDOCS directory along with the rest of your site. You can add more directories like pictures videos or whatever but all online stuff must be in that HTDOCS directory... That is very important because when you goto whatever.com it looks for index.htm or html if don't find it it will give your surfers an error page not found, unless they know the name of your first page like www.mckeehanfamily.com\whatever.html but that is to much to type and just having Mckeehanfamily.com wont find your site without an index.htm.. Use the index.htm that is already there and edit it and SAVE it the open your site with your browser to see how it saved. After we are done setting this up to see how it works.

 So the first page will be saved in the htdocs directory as index.htm and in that page you will link every one of your pages from within that one and so on..All of your web site will be within the htdocs directory where you installed Apache


Step 3)  Now after you installed Apache you will then install the IPUpdater you downloaded from DNSExit from step 1 and every time you reboot your computer that program along with apache will load so never turn them off or disable them..


Step 4) If you have a FIREWALL program as most do you will have to let it know that you have a server running and will have to let it open the port it needs to run and that port is PORT  80 or assign the Apache.exe to exceptions . I  will tell you step by step on how to do that now.. ok you double click on the network computers on the bottom rt of your taskbar or goto network connections that should open the local Area Connections box. Then goto properties and that will open another box and at the top click on the tab Advanced then click on the settings button and at the top click on the tab Exceptions then click the button ADD Program the browse to the directory you installed apache default should be c:/apache and in the apache directory you will  select Apache.exe. And then hit ok and that’s it your ports are free for the web server.


Step 5) If you are using a Linksys or Router you will need to know what your ip address the Linksys or Router is assigning you. Something like physical IP address from your internet provider is different and you need both to set up the Domain name and so you can set it up on the DnSExit.com web site because it has to assign those IP addresses to your new Domain name so surfers will end up on your computer which is only a IP number .So to clarify the IP addresses.. Your Assigned IP that changes periodically is from you Internet provider.. This IP is your real physical address. .The Linksys or Routers IP is just one that is assigned from your router or linksys to locate your computer within your home.. And if you have more that one computer set up in your home then your computer will need one more step for this webserver to work all the time..



Now login to the DNSExit site and use the wizard to set up the IPUpdater so everyone can find you. its fairly easy but they do have a help section or you can call them..


Step 6) Create your web page. well you can do this many many ways but what is the name of the main page? Do you remember because it is very important this be correct. It is index.htm ok.. Never ever use capitals in your page names.. You can but not for the index.htm. Because if you do use a capital on a page name the surfer must also use capitals when they type yourwebsite.com/WHATEver and it will have to be EXACTALLY the same. So as a rule is do not use capitals for page names..

Anyway I use MSPublisher from MSOffice or Word but publisher is really nice. Or you can get other programs off the net called HTML editors. like HOTDOG or whatever.. Have you ever seen the code that makes a web page? Here is how to see what you will be creating..when you have a web page open in your browser goto the top menu and goto View source.. And  it will open in notepad and whala HTM code. Or HTML or CSS or who knows..There are a lot of code types..The basic is just plane ole HTML..which means Hyper Terminal Machine Language.. So just remember the main page is INDEX.HTM with no capitals and within that page you can link other pages to other pages etc.. Just remember Google is your friend and there are many zillions of tutorials out there to teach you on how to create web pages. so read read  read..

How else will you learn. .lol

 If you need a little bit of help You can catch me on my facebook page.. The link is on my main page at Mckeehanfamily.com well the second page called index2.html that would be directly typed like http://Mckeehanlive.com/index2.html or just click the link on my index page at Mckeehanfamily.com...lol get it now..

OK now you are on the World Wide WEB hopefully. now tell everyone what your new Domain name is after you test it and create an Awesome website.. Now you are a webmaster and have much more to learn if your heart desires to.. and time is available for you..

If you need more help just give me a call or txt me or catch me on FB. Ill help you get it going in no time

Have fun and enjoy my site while you are here..

I will try to add more tutorials on creating websites but Time Time Time is so precious..



Creating their own personal web server. Yes I mean on your computer with your own web site,, Like mine!


Ok read on and learn step by step on how to do this. Afterwards you can change anything on your site anytime you like. Its cheap and you have everything on your computer and it has to be always on and always connected the internet.

The only cost to you is purchasing a domain name, but you don't have to if they manually type your IP numbers, which is not a good way to go because your IP numbers will always change from your internet provider..

Get the Domain name its worth the 10 bucks ..

Creating your Web Presence

From your home computer

From my personal office, I was thinking that I should help the many people that are interested in