This Page Can Not Be Displayed Because The Technician You Pissed Off Disconnected Your Account!

He has also taken the Credit Card number on your account and signed you up for subscriptions at several porn sites. Click Here to see one of the sites you've been signed up for!

Your e-mail address has been sent out over the internet and all of your keystrokes have been logged since 06/22/01. If you've typed in a Credit Card # or Social Security #, we've got them now!

ATTENTION WIVES!!! Did you know there is porn on your computer? I'll bet you didn't. What you need to do is click Start > Find > Files & Folders. In the "Named" box type *.gif and then two boxes below that...make sure you are "Looking In" the C: drive and then hit enter. Do the same type of search for *.jpg, *.jpeg and *.mpeg. Wish your husband luck for us.

  • We at your ISP wish you would get a life outside the internet.
  • If you are one of the many CHEAP bastards attempting to run a business off a single dialup account, GET A CLUE! You're about as bright as a 10 watt bulb in a 2 watt socket.
  • If we have to hear, "I need help getting connected, but I'm not at home or anywhere near my computer," ONE more time we're going to start shooting people!
  • If the internet is so important to you...why don't you learn at least a LITTLE about your computer. You don't know how to use it? You wouldn't get a car if you didn't know how to drive would you?
  • We are NOT here to show you how to write an email to your bratty grandchildren that don't call you anyway. Are you so pathetic that you have to search for love on the internet? If your family rejected you, they did it for a reason.
  • Of all the people in the world that you would piss off...why would you choose the internet support rep? We have the following information: First and Last name, Credit Card #, Street Address, Phone Number etc... And we could change your password. You still wanna call us up to bitch? Feel free...and we'll see how long your able to connect :)
  • And to all of you "System Administrators" and "MCSE's" and "Network Engineers" that call US to troubleshoot simple dialup problems. We're moving to your area and taking your fucking jobs. If you were as smart as your little piece of paper says you wouldn't have to call us to get help creating a dialer.

    Cannot find intelligence, or a brain for that matter.
    Internet Exploder