My first 3D picture.

Look crossed eyed SLOWLY till you see 3 images side by side

and look around the middle image ( let your eyes circle the middle image as you are looking around in the picture) and it will start to focus

then RELAX while checking it out then it comes into perfect focus.

Be patient and keep the images close to each other until you get 3 images not 2 and only look at the middle one...

if you want a better image than mine use the others that are not mine for practice..

My first one ...he he so Excited and very Kewl

many more to follow..

These below are from the internet so you can practice..

This one below is my favoriteů

If you want to know how to create a 3d image use your friend Google and a regular camera and a few other programs to make it perfect.. My first one was done in five min just to see how easy it is and now I am amazed at what I can create...So keep coming back for more and be totally amazed at what I am about to create...